Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walking In The Rain

I am totally busted today!

I woke up at noon, soo late that I could feel guilty to myself and if my husband never calls, maybe i never awoke.. The dream too damn good or the room to damn cozy.. Je ne sais pas.

So, i just got out at 4pm and its raining (again).. I am going to my husband's office in Chinatown. Like every woman in this world would ask, 'what (the hell) am I going to wear today?' and the great thing is it's raining so it will double the problem.

So i snook in my closet.. I also have another problem.. My period! I better choose something dark for my skirts or pants..Just to build my confidence. I have this short pants from yesterday, a grey tank and one long lace blazer.. Neat!

So what about the shoes? Actually i rather choose boots than high heels but i left my black boots in Bali.. I got no choice, so i wear my silver pump up high heels and walk with pride with it... In the middle of the rain...

The last thing to project is my Umbrella... I wish i bought the leopard prints umbrella back in the Marks and Spencer.. But I don't have those kind, so I have to bring my 2 dollars pastel pink umbrella with the silver lining in it.

Now you must be wonder why I choose short pants rather than longs pants although it's raining... Well, Ibr lived in tropical climate, so even though it's raining, the weather is hot.. Extremely hot and i always feel overwhelmed with the humidity. Sweating and oily skin is like a must.And you know when it's raining, most of the splash from the street will make stains on your pants and I don't like it...

So if it's hot you might also think why i bring my semi lace long blazer with me... Actually I don't know where we are going. If he brought me to shopping center or mall or to the movies, the air conditioner is extremely cold. It's almost feel freezing inside... Even when I go to supermarket, sometimes I feel chilled at the fish sections or milk sections... C o l d ...

So, what's your best outfit for rainy days? I think the best accessories is the rain itself.. Like the old song 'Just walking in the rain feeling soaking wet..' No need the umbrella.. Just embrace the weather!!!


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