Saturday, November 12, 2011


Arnold Glasow once was said, "A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down."

Today I'm going deep down and somehow the one that I called true friend even make a leap and dance upon my misery and I just stumble, don't say a bit, just watch another drama glimpse in front of my eyes then I keep on watching till I'm stoned and really realize that she's just that!

In the other hand, a person that I always shove and push to stand away from my side, is being there and stay as a true friend. Weird!

I think this world is being mad, or it's just natural for everybody to take the most advantage you can get from the others.. Is it the rule from the past centuries or it's just there, just now?

I feel disappoint (of course) but in the other hand it's a revelation. My eyes wide shut and it's  just open to the real world... A person just knock my door and offer me the dictionary of truth then some part of myself just said it's my karma. However I tried my best to survive to this lunatic being, a sarcastic person and cynical acts of people. I have to survive.. I have to.

So my point is (beside talking bullshit about my feelings right now) You really really can't judge the book by it's cover, don't try to explain "what is friendship?" and describe it in life and only with words. Sometimes you cannot see the beauty within, sometimes we also blur about the rubbish behind the beautiful things, don't trust your eyes, don't trust your judgment, just seize the day and be creative about your problems, somehow you'll find out that you are your only friend and the time will make you wiser.

 Enjoy! (though it's hurt)

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