Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just A Year Old

It's been a year for me being a Mrs. instead of a Ms. How's the marriage life so far?
I think it's been the same.. Nothing really change between us, only being stronger all the time. We know that lots of marriage among us is crumbling down. Many people look for another person to fill their heart. Like the old phrase that I always heard "the empty room that needs to be filled" and may I say, "what room?".. There is only our Master Bedroom and baby room (still in progress) the guest room is outside this house maybe for families..not for another person. It's fully booked. Even I try to stay away from our family to harmonize everything... Relatives, parents, friends are fine but usually we will meet outside this house.

You  must say that I'm a cruel person, actually I'm trying to explain that I hate cheaters. they always makes me down. I will make my boundaries.

Yet in the real life, people will say that me and Mr. is an easy going couple. Living apart for months now and yet we still be happy with what we have. And we're very truthful to our relationship.

Some people ask, "is it okay?" Yes we're okay with what kind of life we choose, we already make those decisions so it's our risk, but if you ask "is it hard?" We also will say YES... It's hard but somehow that will make us cherish every moments and live with it and try to have the trust.

It's not easy to trust people in distance. We can't see them, we can't feel them all we got is an internet connection and skype and sometimes the picture could lie. However the "touch" won't feel the same with monitor. When the internet down then your feeling also down.

It's just a year old marriage. Though we already feel that's it's been a long time that we knew each habit of our spouse. We never get bored of each other in the other hand we will make it through time.. and be together again at last..

Now, we're welcoming the new time, the other year to walk on, to make our journey more meaningful, to celebrate every moment. And pray, that God will be on our side, so we will find those - what we're looking for.


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