Saturday, December 10, 2011

strong, stronger.

This has been a tough month for me.
1. My imac is broken, still have the icare, but the service take a loooong time... It's already a month, still no answer about the imac.
2. My mac book pro broken at the same time with my imac... so this is really effect what I'm doing, my schedule, my photo shoot, my blog and my social life because internet so important in my long distant relationship.
3. I lost my beagle.. Somehow at midnight the fence is opened and nobody knows about it. It broke my heart, a lot.
4. My alergy worsen..
5. My employees have to be discharge from their works because they need to be more independent of them-self, and I need a transition to moving out from Bali to Singapore...

That doesn't include what happened today. I feel rejected from my friends, somehow this is the moment that I need them the most. Today there's a clear sight that they have been lying, manipulative to others, and big bullshitting in front of me and my husband. Somehow all the tragedies makes me realize, that human is human. They cheat, they lie like they're breathing. Somehow I knew him for years but today I feel that I don't recognize him anymore... He's out of my league.

Well what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger... Even somehow It's hard to go on. 

Yet, with al the tragedies I found the silver lining. It feels like the gold at the end of the rainbow.
I have several good news to be spread (but not now). I buy new laptop. I could write again and the photo shoot (even sooo overwhelming) has been a great project.

Somehow with all my tears today - because of the feeling rejected, dumb and too naif - I know that I cannot rely on people, I have to stand up and walk on. Like we know that rainbow only comes after the rain.


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  1. ita about maturity some how people dont like being mature....