Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beauty Within

I see the crackle on my feets. The nails seems tO dry and broken. It's been 2 months since my last appointment to my beautycians. It already feels like forever.

Trust me. I adore those appointments, it soothes me, made my day. A time like this make my glow feels dim but somehow my husband never complains, she still call me beauty, even my cracking nails really piss me off.

I'm not that busy. It's my pregnancy that made me really lazy. Bedrest for one month and i don't understand why I really hate to take care of myself, even to take a bath.

Is the pregnancy really hits me off?

The time that i really go out was when my husband came and ask me and all of our friends to have dinner together. Don't expect me to use make up, not even moisturizer that I wear.

At the dinner,i thought at I'm the worst at the crowd, yet i'm not. My friends say that i look glowing, fresh, don't have the pale figure of a pregnant woman, don't have an issue of dry lips. After that i realize that I'm doing just fine.

I think my glow comes from My husband. He is here with me now. Make my day (even better than my visit to my beautycian)

Now i'm writing this at one of my favourite salon.. And i'm doing just fine..


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