Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping Secret

Today I have a nap.. And wake up with many text messages and missed call..

And for a minute I wonder what's going on?

Apparently, it's all about the clarification about the 'good news' that we haven't been spilled.

Boy, isn't the word spread like air? It moves so very fast. It was a little ruin to our surprise... But they just did it and voila... Everyone knows now.

What's wrong with the word of 'secret'? When you say it's a secret, people just getting eager to spread the words.

The other funny thing about secret is "Bad news spread 100times faster than the Good news" sometimes i still wonder why? Why people love talking about bad things than the good things?

I think it might be happened because of the skill and the educations in people's life that effect of spreading the bad news, or you have too much time doing nothing.. If your family usually have the habits of being panic or have a high anxiety, just beware, maybe you also have the habits of spreading the bad news faster than the good news.

Yes, it's anoying to hear too many things at the same time, it's overwhelming to hear all the gossips and rumours 8 hour a day, but honey, just be honest. We live 24 hours a day with it. The media and the telecomunications make us those people.. People with gossip. Just enjoy it or just die with it. So easy and simple.


Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead... ~Benjamin Franklin~

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