Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wanna go back to the 80's

Stepping on day 2 in the City of Merlion ... The air was still hot, soo cloudy (just like yesterday) .. But I always enjoy the time here for my husband, and like always we could have our lunch together...

Menu for today is prawn noodle, we go to China Square and just beside the Spinelli coffee you will find a nice place that sell yummy prawn noodles and the best part is the crunchy pork floss for my topping (not for my husband of course).. And of course it's still drizzling but we sit in the porch outside and have our lovely lunch-conversation.

After that i was plan to go to the cinema but too bad, I was to late so I just have myself walking in the mall and did some window shopping, and somehow I remember my old days.. when I was just a little baby. 

It was at the 80's. Everything felt so innocent for me. Nothing too serious to think about, or may I say nothing in my mind that time.. Just being a little watcher.

As a good watcher I watch and heard many things that always there on my mind... Especially in fashion. I remember that my sister always stuffed her closet with so many accessories. Many earrings from hoop earrings, tassels, golds or silver or black silver, long earrings and ear stud, many ear studs, enormous clip earrings, another gold, many bangles, colorful bangles, neon colors and that's also time when pearls is so hot! 

Don't forget the sunglasses, they will wear huge sunglasses and wear it day and night.

When we say about bags, she will collect various size of clutch and of course with various colors. satchels and back pack!

The clothing is like Dynasty Dramas, shoulder patch, baggy trousers, skinny jeans, Big Prints for Mickey Mouse and friends (I love Goofy the most) and everything always double studded or decorated with beads and sequins. And have I told you the sweaters? Soo many sweaters that time I think we could have one big chest special for sweaters.

Our dresses made from silk, satin, chiffon silk, velvets and so many laces. That moment I think all the designer don't think about the cost of the fabric.. The more the better... Look at Princess Diana's wedding gown.. The veil is so looooooooooooooooong.. The shoulder puff is so huge.. And it's the Hits!

Don't forget about the hair do.. Remember the mullet? Or the 30cm tall hair do? Or the hits of Mohawk.. It's in the 80's and somehow It's a colorful and freedom era... 

Need some music? Every Vanilla is not so vanilla that time... Forget Eminem and just listen to Vanilla Ice or Bobby Brown and in that time he's not married yet to Whitney. And Milli Vanilli isn't famous for plagiarism. I also remember the cute baby face Rick Astley, Tommy Page and don't forget that MJ haven't change his face so drastically. Female artist? You must remember Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson with their rockin' body to dance. Madonna is sooo Marylin-steaming. Listen Debbie Gibson and bet you will have a twisted moods... You can listen to Techno to hip hops, pop to rock, you just name it!

Just enjoy your memories.. Like I re-memorize my sisters with all those outfits and imagine what my husband look like that time, with his hair (yes.. that time he still have his hair) and dancing disco and break-dance all night long. Whaat?

You want to go back? Somehow I do... So, do listen to Bowie and Sting and u2 when they're still young or Kool an the Gang and Roxette to boost your mind and please remember to disco with your  10 pieces of bangles, neon colors and Vivienne Westwood look a like..



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