Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The NEW "It"

I rushed to go to Bedugul Office, Maya already wait me there. Maya is le nouveau designer of Pithecanthropus.. She's so punctual because she did text me at 9am sharp! Leeyah came 20minutes after I arrived and so on, we travel to KETEWEL... To take a look at the new "It"!

Today we're going to Ketewel to our new gallery project in the East Coast of Bali. We're so excited and full of beans to see our new office-to be.

Our office is being built on one hectare of land. The design consist 3 complex building. The first complex is studio and gallery, the second one is house and villa, and the third one is our storeroom. The magnificent thing about those complex is that some of the buildings are brought from hundred miles away, from another island on this archipelago. 

Yes, we ship the wooden house from Sumatra island to build (exactly the same) in Bali. It's exotic and intriguing to be seen what will it become.. The wooden house from Sumatra usually called Rumah Panjang (long house). Why they called it Rumah Panjang? Just because the house literally Panjang (long). In Jambi they also called it Bangko Jambi or some people called it Kajang Lako or Rumah Lamo (old house). Rumah Lamos ridge have a shape similar as a boat house with upper ridge tip curved up. Lamo house typology shaped ward, rectangular with a length of 12 m and width of 9 m. The other house that also famous in Sumatera is Rumah Limas (Pyramid House). They called it like pyramid because of the shape of the center roof usually shaped like pyramid.

In Sumatera those buildings are usually built beside a big river or on the beach. Those old houses build very tall to prevent flood or high tide. 
Rumah Limas in Sumatera

After I came to the project, I'm sure that this will be a great place to work and also to hang out. The sea breeze is cooling and the view is enchanting. And I know that there will be a barbecue spot for us to stay and have a view chit chat (I snoop on the design :)).. So here we go, another step to our new place called office, in the other hand, another walk to a place that we will call "home".. 

Do you have a sense of curiosity like me?  I have a BIG one... Let's see a little sneak preview...
 the storeroom
 the studio and gallery-will be
the view from the balcony of our studio


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