Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Life as Pithecanthropus

It's been six years, working with this remarkable label. It's fun, hilarious (sometimes) and overwhelming at the same time.

Well, I think everyone would feel the same with their jobs. Thank God that I love what I do the most: fabrics, weave, batik, traditions, antique and many things that leads me to who I am, my ancestors.

Yup, that's my passion, doing all of that motifs.. Being very dizzy with natural dyed colors... And as we know that this company is getting Huge, Big and Fatty. And it's becoming more and more daunting to go out and see the world outside this company. If you ask why it feels daunting? Well, I'm in love with this company even when this company don't love me that much..

Sometimes I feel I own this company.. terribly in love... or may I say crazy love?

It's been six years, yes.. six years... Even my humble friends from Japan would ask: "When will you finish working there?" still, I get numb and got nothing to say. Just butterflies in my stomach and the question remind me of what the former designer said to me "It's a job of a lifetime..."

Gosh! It's Hotel California's lyrics '...You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!'

I take a deep breath and I answered my fellow Japanese, "Till the rest of my life"
(and I smirk and leave the room)



  1. haha..pastinya.. sampe2 kamu tinggal di Singapura aku kaga ikut kesana.. Maaf ya, jadi suka terlihat terlupakan... Maap.. Maapp.. Ampuunnn...

  2. ga ada maap maapannn..........just gooooooo hun