Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vomit of a Day

I just entered the room of my studio... I feel tired, nauseated with my own vomit... However I have zillion things to do.. Those pile of dresses that have to be sent to the dyeing factory. And there it goes... Vomiting once more.. This is my first time I have to bend on my knees in front of my studio toilet. And those feelings disgust me.. Shit! Not now, to many things to do... So I rushed to the 1st floor, and hurried the driver to go to the hospital "to the ER.."  I need drugs, I need to get back on my two feet.. but all I can think is: 'DYEING FACTORY-Tomorrow at 10am'..

(That's the time I think that I'm over-stressed of my work)

Dyeing Factory seems friendly. Not vomiting, just a little bit dizzy with the yesterday's drugs. Those pile of dresses, tops and ideas is sent to the producer. We're ready to rumble!! Soooo happyy!!! However, I'm can't drive today. Not now! Too tired. This body still need it's energy back. So after factory, I just go back to my place and rest. Please I need my beauty sleep, I need my health back..
I need myself.

I am back to my dusty 2nd floor studio.. There are two Bambi waiting for my approval. then we're talking another bullshit about my sickness with my friends... Yeah, they think I'm pregnant, Sorry not now, can't you see my work is still one meter pile? Then, we have lunch.. All I can hear is stories from my colleagues about her relationship. At last.. back to my studio.. Rush myself to another garment 30minutes far from my studio plus 10minutes for the traffic, hear another shitty day of another staff.. Hey our day isn't so bad... It's another sun shinny day! What you say about a Bad day is: A pile of checking sheet.. Please compare with mine two days ago: The Vomit of a Day, that's a B A D day while your mind still busy thinking about your job,not your sake!... Nothing to compare.


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