Thursday, September 22, 2011


I woke up this morning...

Reading online newspaper...

Make breakfast (a very important meal of the day)

My phone rang.... once.. twice... I check the number.. No name.. Just the number.
And I'm the kind of person who don't like to answer anonymous calls.. But it's from Jakarta.. Important? Perhaps?
So I answer phone
"Yes I'm looking for Mrs. Neli Gunawan..."
"I'm speaking..."
"It's about your insurance bill, we can't make transaction from July from your Visa Card..."

Ouch, that problem again.. So the story is, this bank send me a billing statement with two type of credit card, One Visa and the Other is MasterCard. I have the MasterCard but I never receive Visa and the billing card already have bills for insurance... I don't have the card and I have to pay for the bills.. How come?

So I have the option to get angry and never fix those problems with the bank, and keep receiving calls, letters, text from them. OR... I talk, with my blurry eyes because it's still early and I just enjoying my beautiful morning and ask the man who's in the phone "What should I do with it?"

Sometimes in life we always have two kinds of options. One that makes us angry (to a person that we don't know Who?) and the second is compromise, settle down and fix. We rarely choose the second options because we always think that we don't have enough time, we're too damn busy and we think it's their job to fix things, not ours..

You are right We're busy and it's not (really) our job to fix those kinds of problems... But at the same time, if we put our emotion on the top of it.. Are we really fixing the problem? Are we really settling down by getting angry to an unknown - person in the line of our phone?

Yesterday I have the same problem while I'm ordering food in one restaurant. The waiter never "hear" enough or may I say "understand" enough to fulfill my order, she never repeat the order and left me after she wrote FALSE ORDER.. Stupid enough.. And I realize that while there's two different menu came while I'm only ordering for one.. I have those options again that time, but I choose to bring one of the menu back home and zip my mouth. I can have it for lunch tomorrow and I don't have to think again "What should I eat?" If I get angry with a stupid waiter, what should I get? Only ANGRE-Me all the way home... She have to know that she made mistake, but there are no wasted food that night.

However, I know you will find it stupid, not to protest, being silence etc. But in my mind, I have enough trouble today, and I don't want to blame another person.. Let her at peace, and me, with my own peace. Let me think "great" for a while, being positive with every flaw.

So this morning I asked the man on the phone how to fix those problems, step by step, however, few minutes of his time, trying to make me a little bit smarter won't be so bad than I have to talk angry and cursed. Now I know how to fix those bills and he's happy enough that one of the customer isn't angry..

I know that I'm a human and he's human enough to explain...


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