Friday, April 27, 2012

Depression to Die

This afternoon I heard a bad news about one of our fellow designer. He died at four pm today.

We were shocked. At least I'm shocked. I know him several times from few designer's meetings and trainings. When I first know him, I always thought that he is a delightful person. Always smile and laughing. He always try to makes the entire room happy and try his best to take every critics and comments without hesitations. Somehow his oddness is what makes him what he is, his signature in everything that he does.

He's in his late forties, later I know it. Before, I thought he's in his late thirties. He's fun attitude always makes him young and vibrant. There's so much energy surround him, there are so many things that he ought to do. Always have lots of questions because he always want to know how, why, when, where even the funny thing is he's just questioning things, because even though he's asking what time to come, he usually late.

The most shocking thing about his death is the cause. He died of  depression and sadness actually I never heard anything like it. I never thought that people might die because of depression. I only know that people might die because of sickness, disease, accident, drugs or usual thing like that. I thought sad people just being sad, not suppose to be dead.

I know some of the people that always looks sad, act sad and do crazy things because they are sad. Some of them always complaining, some of them always unsatisfied with their life, some people cry a lot, some of them always sick or try to be sick, some people always acting sick to get every ones attentions. Crazy things that they do. But Depression to die is the new thing that I learn could happened.

My dear friend, I hope you rest in peace. Please be happy with God up there. Don't think too much anymore. Just be glad that He still love you and remember, you are capable of being Happy.


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