Sunday, January 13, 2013

Denpasar People's Park: Lapangan Puputan Badung

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Lapangan Puputan Badung is one of the famous park in Denpasar Bali, Why we say that this park so famous? Because the story and history of this park and the use of this park is so earthy especially for an urban community.

There are many activities happened in this park such as chess garden in one corner of the park, in front of Bali Museum you can find lots of people, old and young playing chess. Sometimes they're also make a chess competition, sometimes they're gambling or sometimes they only exercising.

In the other side is the children playground. Many families bring their children to play in this playground. At  another side of this park, you can see some teenagers are doing marching practice. And there's this gazebo where many middle age guy gather and reading newspaper and talk about today's news. The funny thing is the news they're reading is from one newspaper that they relay from one to another.
Another view that I capture is Urban Sketcher members who  are sketching the view, landscape and activities.They're spreading around the park, from the South to North, and to the West and far East...

Well, If I remember the use of this park in the heart of Denpasar, I will remember the peoples park in Chinatown Singapore. Another park to commute...


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