Friday, January 18, 2013

Benoa Harbor. Can't get enough of it.

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 22 December 2012, We're heading to Benoa Harbor to observe what's going on in this area. At 9 pm we're gathering at Sea Safari Harbor at the East of Benoa Harbor. We wait for some of are friends who haven't arrived yet. While we're waiting I saw a lot of Bakso Stall in front of the paking lot of Sea Safari.

This bakso and mie ayam (chicken noodle and meatballs) is one kind of food that is very common amongst Indonesian people. The seller use a motorcycle to going around and sell this food. They bring a big box behind their vehicles with egg noodle, meatballs and the chicken broth in a big saucepan. Don't forget the stove and a 5 kilograms liquid gas tube who accessorize   their vehicles. Because it's a rainy season, they also bring their raining coat and an umbrella at the corner of their meatball box.

The appearance of the seller always quite typical. They using a polo shirt or T Shirt with long pants and they are wearing a softball cap because of the sunshine. Ussually few years back, the seller also don't use a motorcycle to go around and sell mie ayam bakso. They use traditional push cart and have their own wooden alarm, so everyone in the house could recognize their sound if they're passing by.

After everyone is coming, We rushing to the West of Benoa Harbor. We could see a different sighting at this harbor. East harbor is more for Big Cruise Boats and at the West harbor is for traditional fishing boats. We could see lots of boats moor in this harbor. It's more crowded and more people doing their activities and also hotter that the east harbor.

At last, LUNCH TIME... We're back to the east harbor to have lunch on the Sea Safari Cruise Boat. It's one a boat that usually have their special activities for tourist. They make trips for sunset dinner and some of their boats use for divers to cruise along to the other island in this archipelago such as Nusa Tenggara, Sumba, and also to Irian Jaya.

While waiting for the lunch to arrive, I draw the front deck of this boat. You can see a nice steering wheel on my drawing, special made fr the pirates (the crew of this boat).

We're having a great time today, and this is the last venue in the end of this year 2012. See you again sketching on 2013.


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