Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thank you 2012

This is my first blog on 2013. I hope this year I can make more stories more sketches from my point of view. 2012 has been a BIG year for myself. My first son was born on July. He's 5 months old now and I'm preparing his first :solid food. In the same year, Urban Sketchers Bali is start to grow. From the small conversation at the terrace of our house, now our member is getting bigger. Almost 50 active sketchers that gather around with us to sketch and draw every week, even-though sometimes some people can't come consistently due to their works, activities etc. The member of our facebook members is also increasing from 15 members to 155 members. Almost everyday I have to check our group because everyday there are always one or two postings (or even more) and there are always new member that ask to join our group. How about my work? Pithecanthropus have so many new projects especially the Ketewel projects. In 2012 we start to work at Ketewel Beach so now we're viewing the paddy field, the sand, the beach and the ocean plus the dogs and cows (just like a small farm)every day at the office. 2012 has been nice to me. I have my laugh and tears, I have my 'moments' my ups and downs, I have my family, friend and foes to make myself mature. I have been so blessed and I learn from my mistakes. I hope I can do better for 2013. Cross my fingers.. Enjoy..
Urban Sketchers at Lapangan Puputan
My baby DJ
New Years Eve at our terrace

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