Friday, December 7, 2012

Together or Alone?

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This weekday, the sketching rendez-vous is continuing. So many groups is gather around with their colleagues and make a sketching schedule. They sketch everywhere. At lunch time at the restaurant or warung, at home, at the office, at coffee break time.. It's anytime, anywhere, anything they could sketch, they'll sketch.

 I join several times of that rendez-vous with my husbands office colleagues from Belt Collins International Bali. On Wednesday at Depot Adi while I eat Bistik Sapi for lunch, everyone is so busy with their sketches. The only thing that so obvious to hear is Arie is sneezing all the time and everyone else is having fun with their sketch book.

On Thursday we were having lunch at MM Juice Teuku Umar and we MUST draw some people and not just the interior or exterior of the place. Why it's a MUST? because before we always draw the still life drawing, too afraid to draw the moving things such as human and animals and actually that's the challenge in urban sketching. We could capture more stories by adding some detail with humans and animals. Capturing what is happening at the moment.

On Wednesday I also sketch the view from my own office on Ketewel. I sketch alone because the office always so quiet and the staff only came once or twice a week, just like me. The difference when you draw alone is the spirit. I become mellow when I have to sketch alone... too quiet!

When you're alone, you're only have the 'conversation' with the object or you don't have any comparison. It's easier to be intrigue to sketch when you're with your friends and you could compare and also learn from the other, such as: "What the other see from the same place?" could be different with your sight, because every people have different interest. So let's draw and up to you to choose to sketch alone or together but I have my opinion, the more the merrier.


What are you thinking Bli Nyoman? While everyone is busy sketching at MM Juice (6 December 2012) on Jl Teuku Umar, I saw Mr Nyoman looking around and look very confuse.. Indonesian will say: "Kenapa Clingak Clinguk?"

This is one corner of Warung Adi while we're having lunch (5 Dec 2012) with BCI friends.. I can't be too long because I came with my baby.

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