Sunday, December 2, 2012

Me, my coffee and double Rudy

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Last Thursday we were going to the airport. We're not leaving anywhere but we have to meet Rudy's client: Mr Rudy.

So we met at Starbucks airport. It is one of the BIG Starbucks in Bali. I join my husband because after that we are going for dinner.. So I wait at the corner of Starbucks, joining with me is my baby and his nanny. So while on and off nursing my baby, I sketch these pictures.  -->

Anyway I don’t bring my sketchbook so I just draw with pencil and pen on my stripy (and cute) notebook.

This is a phenomena of the nanny. He always sleepy while taking care of my baby especially if my DJ is sleeping.

Later on I was intrigue to draw the two Rudy and my cup of coffee because the waiting is so long and I get a little bored. (Yeah my baby and nanny is sleeping, what else should I do?)
So there they are..


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