Monday, December 3, 2012

Sketch with Attitude!

It has been a good month for Urban Sketchers Bali to introduce themselves to public. With small effort we could gather more than 30 people every week to watch and learn, to draw together and to share their stories in their sketches.

With this group I learn that I'm not a good artist but I can learn how to be a sketcher. I like to make drawings and paintings but capturing a moment like photography with only a paper, pen, pencil and watercolor or marker in a little time is another challenge.

I never learn how to be an architect, I never think that I  want to draw a building because my weakness is a steady line, vertical or horizontal, my hands always so shaky to draw straight long lines. Well but somehow I love to draw, I love the expression and the emotion that I could show in my own lines.

It's been great to join this group of people with their differences, with their passion. With this group I could learn about myself and I could challenge myself every now and then. To try and try and try again.

My sketches is still too naif if you compare it with others in this group (Of course, most of them born to be an illustrator, and architect). My lines still to busy and incompetent. My life still the same with those sketches that I make, even though the results is good or bad. But one thing for sure that I have is the attitude to show you that I dare to make sketches in good times or bad and make the story with those sketches and I dare to try and try again even I fail so many times. So where is your story in sketches? Do you dare enough to show me your stories?


This is the garage of my house. I draw it on the 2nd workshop of Urban Sketchers Bali. This trial makes me realize that I'm not good making straight lines... Expressive sketching is a better choice for me.

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