Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sanur One, (Because there will be so many sketches of Sanur later..)

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1st December 2012

This is another day of sketching with Urban Sketchers Bali, this is a hot first day of December... If you remember about snowy Christmas, this is not the place.

Still taking my baby to the sketching event, however I'm still trying to draw him, but it's always been a bummer. So it's easier for me to draw the ambiance of Sanur beach, little things that I could capture.. But I will try my best to draw my baby later.. I have to, before he's getting older..

 This is my first sketch today. I am quite amaze with so many boats along the beach from Jl. Hang Tuah area to Bali Beach Hotel area. One of them is Samaya One boat, the longest speed boat at the beach today.
 The second sketch is a unique sight of a father who walk along the beach and taking a big Rubber Duck for his son. And as a background is a small speed boat and two little boy who play ball, however even it is at the beach, they still swam with their clothes on. Both wearing red t shirt, and one of the T shirt is a soccer shirt with a huge number 9. I think their parents try to combine soccer game and swimming at the same time. :)
 Beside there are so many boats there are also so many people who walk, swim, canoeing and bring along their dogs to this beach. So at 3pm I start to draw and when I finished an hour later there are 5 times more people with their activity along that beach.. wow.. so crowded.. But in that crowd I could found a spring rolls seller who walk along that beach.. Lucky me.. Bon apetite...

So there it goes, my sketching day at Sanur beach part One.